girls night out…

i was either laughing till my stomach hurt…

eating till my stomach hurt…

or, my stomach just hurt.

i have a herniated belly-button, which is ridiculous,
and one of these days i gotta just get it fixed, because it flares up at the worst of times!

as far as this is concerned…

dear bella,
just pick Girl, just pick the werewolf now so we can all go home!

jacob is ‘hotter’ than edward!!!

5 responses to “girls night out…”

  1. I still can't get over how big Kiana and Myla are, what beauties they have turned into Ü Sounds like you had a very fun filled weekend Ü

  2. So fun that many ofthe little girls have graduated to big girls for GNO! Loved the movie and STILL TOTALLY Team Edward!

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