a bakers dozen

maybe i’ve been married 13 years…

maybe i adore him.

maybe i still get goosebumps when he kisses my neck.

maybe he makes me smile even when i’m grumpy. Even when I try not to smile.

maybe he is the funnest person i could have ever chosen to spend my life with.

maybe he is the most generous person i know.

maybe he is the most attractive man i have ever laid eyes on.

maybe we have a secret way to hold hands.

maybe we have a secret made-up word.

maybe he gives me unlimited support in everything i do.

maybe he has made my life more than everything i ever dreamed it would be.

maybe he took me on a double dining/double feature date with doubly-great friends…

lunch at Sammy’s-
“new in town”
dinner at “Fresco’s”

“grand torino”This is the second time we have celebrated our anniversary with the Taylor’s. ours is feb. 1st and theirs is feb. 3rd, both 13 years!

maybe, just maybe i am the luckiest girl alive.

let’s be honest, there’s no maybe’s about it.

happy 13 years, husband.

10 responses to “a bakers dozen

  1. Maybe you two are the cutest couple ever!
    Maybe we had so much fun with you All DAY!
    Maybe i now LOVE sammy’s

    Happy Anniversary I love that We have our Anniversary so close together!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a perfect day! We saw New In Town with some friends on Sat. and I thought it was so cute. I love when I leave the movie feeling good!

  3. There’s no maybe about it-you are a poet! That was beautiful and had great rhythm. Happy 13th-to a couple who really is made for each other. I’m glad you had such a great anniversary. BTW-is it really only 13 years because when we were engaged seems like a few lifetimes ago, doesn’t it? I can’t believe what we’ve sqeezed in to 13 years.

  4. You kids make being married look like it just might be worth it ; ) 13 years is really somethin to be proud of-major congrats!

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