water for elephants.

a few months ago, my book club read this.

then we planned a book club + spouses-were-invited date night…

we had dinner at a fave pizzeria & went to the movie!

the movie ~

…it wasn’t “the most spectacular show on earth!” but, it was good.

beware: the animal cruelty at times is rough on the eyes. i felt a bit like a little kid when i had to plug my ears and close my eyes… my heart is tender towards animals, so those scenes were tough to watch.

have you read the book? seen the movie? what did you think?

fyi: the evening was spectacular!
{first three photos by me. last image via here.}

3 responses to “water for elephants.”

  1. I read the book and enjoyed it, except for the obvious parts. Looking forward to seeing the movie. I too will be covering my eyes during the beating of dear Rosie.

  2. i felt the same way about the animal parts. but such a fun night. will you email me those photos?

  3. Yes! Read the book and loved it!! I liked the movie, but I agree with you – it wasn't spectacular :). I was pretty impressed with Robert Pattinson, I was a little nervous about him playing that role… but he exceeded my expectations for sure 🙂 Looks like such a fun night!

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