Rio 3D

jesse eisenberg’s voice matches blu’s big worrywart eyes perfectly, and he and hathaway, give it their all.

i wasn’t expecting much from this movie, so maybe that’s why i was happily shocked at how much i liked it…

the vibrant colors and upbeat music of the animation just made me happy.

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  1. Okay. I have a sincere question to ask. No, its not about Rio:) but this is your most recent post, so ill ask it here.

    I have been looking for MONTHS on an HTML code i can use to make my blog EXTRA wide and just make everything fit. I know that your blog is like that and i know you are extra good when it comes to blogs.

    I guess what im getting to, is im wondering what HTML code you use? Or if im even aloud to use it? Just wondering. I also dont know, if once/if i get a code, what template to use?

    Hopefully you can get back to me! Oh, and just so you know, im OBSESSED with your blog! 🙂


  2. Thanks for the review. My kids want to go see this or Hop and now I know which one we will be seeing. I hate wasting my money and time and the movies.

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