i have not seen the original ‘arthur’ movie, but i’m loving the brand in this one!

{and, i like his wife.}

have you seen either arthur movie?!? what are your thoughts?

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  1. bex! sure did! we loooved it, oh my gosh, so good! russell is clever, charming… it was so much better than i ever expected it to be!

  2. Okay, can I just tell you that I think you are the cutest mother/wife/friend/lady around! I found your blog through Tregan's a few months ago, and I have checked it daily since! I love all your posts and someday hope to throw a party as well as you!! Hope you don't find this too random!

  3. I'm excited to see this. The original Arthur was with Dudley Moore ? I think? I remember it being good and funny, but that was probably 30 years ago.

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