flashback friday

October 22, 2010
halloween, 1997.

fred & wilma flintstone.
the first halloween we dressed up, together.

dusty & i were living in seoul, south korea.
we were in charge of planning an adults-only halloween party
for our branch {church} there.

{we took polaroids of all the couples!}

…i made our costumes, by finding all the supplies in local markets,
hand-sewing, and hot glue.

i made a stencil & used spray paint to make husbands fred flintstone shirt.

i think i’m about to lose my wig in the picture…
and, i’m six months pregnant with our first baby girl, only,
we didn’t know if it was a boy or girl…


punkins…and more

October 20, 2010

we are a little ahead of schedule this year for halloween festivities,
because our life is going to be packed with so many other adventures
the next few weeks {or months}…

this past weekend…

we carved punkins…
we played mr. potato head with our punkins,
we made rice krispies haunted houses,
we made caramel apples {the easy way},
we went boo-ing…

we had our annual family halloween dinner,
we made skull-candy necklaces…
and more!

life is good…

{still lovin’ warty punkins!}

we indulged in sweets all weekend,


“chocolate” pancakes…

October 19, 2010
my charming friend, summer, gave our family a bundle of gifts on october 1st for a
“happy october” – thank you, thank you summer!

one of the gifts were these adorable halloween pancake molds!

we put them to use last week…

when it comes to pancakes, i always burn the first one or the first few –
it’s because my griddle is just soooo hot, and i need to slow-down and be more patient…
as i was thinking about this, i remembered my mother-in-law always calling burnt pancakes, chocolate pancakes


ode to halloween

September 28, 2010

i love my home.

i love weekends when hibernation seems to be the theme, keeping us in the walls of our home. where all we see is each other, and the closest thing to date night is the worn pair of yoga pants that fit me just so and whose black has been washed now to a soft dark gray. i live in these pants at home, wearing them out a bit more as i run around the house between children or activities.

but, what makes those stay-at-home days even better is when they are balanced with the ever chaotic see-saw of life… the one that throws us out there some weekends, hosting volleyball nights and friendly faces and storing all the good we get from them to hold us over during hibernation.


“where’s kj?”

November 12, 2009

i was so pleased when each of my kids came home from school
post-halloween with class pictures of everyone
in their costumes!

i think this is brilliant! isn’t it always a little challenging to get everyone together in the small space of a classroom for a good picture of their costumes?

i was told our principle has a new camera this year,
and is excited about putting it to good use! i love it!

the only thing, kj’s kinda camouflaged…

{can you find him?}


two more pictures…

November 11, 2009

from halloween.

becky just sent these to me, she found them in her halloween pictures. i really think they are better than every picture i took on halloween. darn. i would love her to just follow us around, photographing our lives. or i would like a camera like hers. or i’d like her lens{s}.

thanks beckster.



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