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do you remember when i said our halloween costumes were really easy and teenager-friendly this year?!? well… do you agree? i have had a quirky obsession with these horse head masks for a long time now – but couldn’t justify buying them just for fun… so, halloween was the perfect reason to splurge! {on something so ridiculous!}

my kids each had their own ideas for what they wanted to dress up as this year, and as i started thinking about the little barbie that wanted to trick or treat in her barbie car, and two skate-boarders that want to go trick or treating on their long boards, etc. etc. — i realized we had horses with hobbies!


the best part? we already owned most of the hobby-stuff, so i only had to purchase six horse head masks. after a little research, i found the best deals on amazon. most of our masks were under twenty dollars right here.

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barbie unicorn costume via seejaneblog.

barbie-unicorn costume via seejaneblog

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we’ve already had a lot of silly fun with these masks: kj wore his with a nice suit during a music festival while he played the piano (he had to practice at home wearing the mask!) – everyone in the crowd laughed at him and he loved it! husband has been putting it on when he is driving (VERY CAREFULLY) to try and catch people’s reactions. it’s been fun.

the other fun perk: taking pictures! i love every one of these goofy pictures. if you follow me @see_jane on instagram, you can watch a short video of our family in our horse head masks! #rhodesfamilyfilm

would you wear a horse head mask for halloween? more ideas: horse-baseball player! horse-chef! horse-super hero! horse-princess! bojack horseman costume! the list could go on and on… there are other animal head masks too! we chose a panda in our mix, and it’s been funny to see what the kids put it on with as they run around the house.

{photography by becky kimball}

5 responses to “horses with hobbies – costumes”

  1. We have a horse mask and have used it for a couple of Halloweens as well. It always gets a good reaction. One year my husband put rollers in the horse hair and wore an old nightgown. He was a “NIGHT-MARE”

    the Barbie hair under the unicorn head is the best!

  2. I especially like KJ’s sunglasses on his horse mask 🙂
    Such unique ideas!

    [Totally un-related side-note] Your hair is getting so long, Jane! It looks great that length.

    Happy, Happy Halloween to the Rhodes’!

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