ode to halloween

i love my home.

i love weekends when hibernation seems to be the theme, keeping us in the walls of our home. where all we see is each other, and the closest thing to date night is the worn pair of yoga pants that fit me just so and whose black has been washed now to a soft dark gray. i live in these pants at home, wearing them out a bit more as i run around the house between children or activities.

but, what makes those stay-at-home days even better is when they are balanced with the ever chaotic see-saw of life… the one that throws us out there some weekends, hosting volleyball nights and friendly faces and storing all the good we get from them to hold us over during hibernation.

and then we go on–see-sawing through the weekends that follow…sometimes in, sometimes out, sometimes with big papi, sometimes without, while he is away.

this past weekend was a balanced see-saw. a little in, a little out. my girlfriends add such a richness to my life. and my life at home is all the sweeter for it.

it’s literally sweeter now that it’s packed full of halloween treats and the anticipation of one of our favorite holidays… {i could eat holidays with a spoon!}

little miss almost-four {this week is her birthday!} screamed with excitement when i mentioned it was high time for the halloween decorations…

after the decorations were all in place, a ghost came to visit our home…
leaving behind all kinds of tricks & treats, for them…
hidden in the playroom~

kj, absorbing light so his jammies would glow!

little miss pink bones & mr. black bones,
they were running crazy ’round the house, in their glowing little bones!

husband will be home this week {he’s been gone almost another three weeks, again} and i’ve found that being busier and having more to do only challenges me to pick up the pieces more efficiently. i’ve been getting more done as this raging fire of determination and productivity (also known as stress) has burned some crazy don’t-stop ethic into my bones. the only thing missing, i have over-procrastinated studying for my art history exam, that is tomorrow.

my plan of attack… well, i never nap. so, today, i napped. now i’m over-dosing on caffeine with the plans to stay up all night. but, before i study, i had to blog.

let it be known…
we are ready for big papi to be home,
and we are ready for halloween!

p.s. my husband is returning home with some new skin-art…
i’ll share a picture, soon.

9 responses to “ode to halloween”

  1. Love halloween!

    i just got that darling witch hat lantern. Thanks for the info…
    I can't wait to decorate and surprise the kiddos.

    I've been hibernating with my "hunger games" series it's time for me to get with it! Geesh.

  2. LOVE your decorations Jane, those crows are cool! This time of year is wonderful…makes me miss teaching school though. KJ is getting so big!!
    P.S. How about that Britney Spears Glee?! 🙂

  3. All of your decorations are so cute! I love that you give your kids a holiday basket, so fun! I can't wait to decorate our house tomorrow! Halloween is definitely my FAVORITE Holiday :).

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