punkins…and more

we are a little ahead of schedule this year for halloween festivities,
because our life is going to be packed with so many other adventures
the next few weeks {or months}…

this past weekend…

we carved punkins…
we played mr. potato head with our punkins,
we made rice krispies haunted houses,
we made caramel apples {the easy way},
we went boo-ing…

we had our annual family halloween dinner,
we made skull-candy necklaces…
and more!

life is good…

{still lovin’ warty punkins!}

we indulged in sweets all weekend, in fact, i’ve never seen my husband eat so much sugar.

it was entertaining.

at one point i asked him if he was going to melt his hostess ding-dongs over his orange rolls! {zobeyda, curse you – please stop bringing us finger-lickin’ rolls!}

we’re all paying for it…
now, we are only eating nourishment that does not invovle sugar.

9 responses to “punkins…and more”

  1. Such fun pictures. Making caramel apples the 'easy' way is the only way to go. Just had my friend bring me like 10 packages of those wraps. The kids love making them.
    Missing home this time of year. Seeing all your fun things and house. I guess it's good my kids don't know any different…. but I do!!!

  2. its a sugar rush over here too! But i am DONE with the candy corn. NO MORE! haha

    loving your warty pumpkins and your warty caramal apples. yummm!

    I love the feeling of just adoring the family and feeling all sorts of love. oh and the smell of fall is always a plus!

    your the best! we can't wait to eat our pumpkin bread bowls. i was hoping for a rainy day. hmmmm.

  3. I love that you do so many festive activities with your super cute family!
    We are doing Chili this year in bread bowls for our Halloween bash… so I must know, do you make your pumpkin bread bowls? Or where do you purchase them, so I can get my hot little hands on them 🙂

  4. Where did you get (or how did you make) the pumpkin bread bowls??

    This looks like a fun tradition! I've been stocking up on candy for trick or treaters since Sept… I love this time of year!

  5. Loooove Halloween!
    How are you? It looks like the fabulous season is treating you well.
    I'm excited to dig into our pumpkins too!

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