cake pops

November 5, 2010

i wanted to do something new for myla’s halloween class party last week.
i was in charge of the drink/treat…

so, i chose cake pops.
i used this recipe,
and they were a huge success!

i made 130 cake pops the night before,
and froze them in the freezer over night.

{my kids made a few at home as a trial run & they loved it!}

in class, i used my crock pot to melt the chocolate, it took about 30 minutes,
and melted really well. and, the consistency lasted for the hour+ the kids
were making the cake pops.


this little black cat…

November 5, 2010

had her dance class halloween recital last week.

her teacher, ms. kim, has taught all three of my girls when they were each between
the ages of 2-6, and i cannot say enough good about her.
dare i say, we’ve been going to preschool/kindergarten dance classes
for a decade with ms. kim!

she works magic with this age group,
every week, those girls follow her every move, she’s mesmerizing!
and her energy is magical.

the dancers did a cowgirl-tap dance first…

then they hung on the bars {which is NEVER allowed the rest of the year!} and
pretended to be leaves hanging from a tree.


her preschool class had their halloween show for parents last week.


the preschool has been decked with decor & it’s so cute…
the kids paraded around the parents,
then showed us their great performing skills.

so cute.
i loved that half of the show,
sela’s eyes were tucked under her owl hoodie.

i couldn’t catch it on camera,
she’d move so fast & peak at us again to make sure we were watching!

this little owl is destined to give me deep smile lines.
you’d think she was our first child,


looming clouds.
rain showers.
perfect fall weather.
not-so-perfect fall weather…

and, sunshine.

…because we’re splitting it between three cities in two states.

{my constant parenting motto for husband & i: we will divide and conquer!}

on friday & saturday, we will all be staying in slc to watch
kiana’s dance competition, then kiana and i will be headed
to L.A. on saturday afternoon.

{kiana’s dance team has a callback audition for this!}
husband will return home to cover all the festivities
with the three younger kiddo’s.