cake pops

i wanted to do something new for myla’s halloween class party last week.
i was in charge of the drink/treat…

so, i chose cake pops.
i used this recipe,
and they were a huge success!

i made 130 cake pops the night before,
and froze them in the freezer over night.

{my kids made a few at home as a trial run & they loved it!}

in class, i used my crock pot to melt the chocolate, it took about 30 minutes,
and melted really well. and, the consistency lasted for the hour+ the kids
were making the cake pops. i was worried it might get clumpy or dry, but it didn’t.

i also gave the kids reusable halloween cups with their sodas, HUGE hit…

myla demonstrated how to make them-

i helped the kids a little to dip the cake pops in the frosting,
then they decorated them.

i was hoping the kids would get super-creative with the frosting/decor,
with polka-dots-pumpkin faces-etc…

but…most of them turned out like this:

a hodge-podge of every frosting/sprinkle i had. oh well!

the oreo sprinkles were really yummy.
i even had a friend say, “…these taste totally like cake bites!”
i wouldn’t go THAT far, to say they were THAT good,
but they were yummy!

after making them, the kids were all extremely quiet sitting at their
desks devouring them! their teacher could NOT believe it was a halloween party, and it was that quiet! hey. when somethings yummy – you gotta enjoy it!

for christmas, i might try this or this in kj’s class.

5 responses to “cake pops”

  1. That's such a good idea for a class party! So fun!

    I really like the snowman cake pops from the first link about kj's class party.

  2. I just went on your link with the snowman cake pop. Do you think those would work with 3 cake balls – like a full snowman. Maybe from like a white chocolate fountain? Or does the chocolate need to be a thicker consistency?

  3. I have never commented before, but I love your blog and I gotta tell you that you are just about the cutest mom ever.

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