October 31, 2012

do you attend a trunk-or-treat where you live??? have you ever heard of it? it’s a favorite tradition for my kids, they love helping me decorate our trunk just as much as the candy. this year we took supplies from home that we already had to trick out our car… the only new item was some blinking safety lights i found at our local grocery store for $1/each. we taped them on the back of the car, and it was a really fun extra.

IKEA striped fabric | paper landterns collected from here, and here, | i took our door mat & pumpkins right off our porch | huge basket from home {usually holds sports gear!}

however you trick-trunk-or-treat…


our spooky home…

October 25, 2012

i am going to keep this post quick but passionate. because i feel like as i look through my posts lately, i’ve been wordy.


think midnight caffeine-induced-spooky-home-tour ramble.

ready? go…

{i handcut bandnit masks for our cherubs out of black construction paper. naughty little babes.}

{these haunted houses – make me smile.}

{that giraffe?! darling, right???}

from now till the end of the year, it’s blessed madness… starting with sunlight that fades around 5:30pm. i started stocking apple cider (for my myla –


partners in mime costume

October 24, 2012

let me begin by saying – sela went through a ‘hula’ stage earlier this year, and then became obsessed with mime’s.  i have no idea why. she would ask me to find videos online for her to watch, and then i’d catch her practicing her mime moves around the house. it just killed me with cuteness.

so, sometime in august when i asked her if she had any idea what she wanted to be for halloween, it was totally appropriate when she said, a mime! {a better choice than hula girl for the weather this time of year!}

she loved acting like a mime + my girl has a serious fetish for black and white stripes!


candy bandits costume

October 23, 2012

Are you ready for halloween? Are you dressing-up this year? Have you chosen a costume? you have eight days to decide!!! this year our kids are divided 2:2 in costumes.  however, our color scheme coordinates with both costume ideas which i think turned out pretty rad.  {i’ll show you our second homemade costume idea tomorrow.}

If you are dressing up and need last minute ideas, both of these costumes could easily be thrown together with items you may already have in your closet! or, if you need to purchase a few items – they are all items (black jeans, black hoodie, black chuck tailors} you can adapt into your wardrobe after the holiday. {bonus!}

since my kids are getting older —


halloween * beacon hill

November 16, 2011

our halloween was charm-on-steroids. have you heard of beacon hill? no? well, it’s the nicest-{expensive}-upper-end-neighborhood-with-federal-style-rowhouses in the city of boston. known for its narrow, gas-lit streets and brick sidewalks. and, did you know there is a list of the top 20 places to trick-or-treat in the USA? {this was news to me!} combine these thoughts: and yes, beacon hill rates #2 in the nation!

first, a few glimpses of our home for the spooky holiday –

…since we’re living in a home that is 150 years old, i’m taking advantage of the colonial-charm whenever possible. i don’t consider this “my style,” but i enjoy the creative process of utilizing what the home has to offer for each holiday!


salem, massachusetts…

October 20, 2011

we look forward to halloween big time around here. i go into costume-planning-frenzy at least two months before. the decorations go up in september, we usually have a big festive party.

and.  i just love this *time of year.  while halloween plans are underway, i’m scouring magazines for the latest-greatest thanksgiving dinner recipes + i’ve started christmas shopping.  it’s like holidays on crack in my mind, and i kinda live for times like this.

so. with all that said, there was no way we were going to miss the annual october festivities in salem, massachusetts.

known for the famous witch trials, the town lives it up this time of year.  total tourist trap, mixed with history.



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