October 6, 2010
my bestie bex, has a mister named max.

he is one handsome buddy to my sela and kj.
sela & kj have some very fueled sibling arguments over who’s friend he is.
you understand, max is very loved in our home.

well, my bestie’s mister is turning 5 today!!!
and i was the lucky friend-party lover who helped her with
some little robot plans for his party,
a couple weeks ago…

for example,

i volunteered to build max a robot for the party.
{i am crossing my fingers he wears the costume for halloween too!}

this project reminded me of great memories when i designed this.


a first birthday luau…

August 3, 2010
our friends joe & caryn have three older boys,
and one year ago,
they welcomed this beautiful baby girl into their family.
{it was so exciting!}

now…miss kelsey is one!

we joined their family for an adorable luau,
caryn made all the cupcakes!
they were adorable and delicious!

happy 1st birthday, baby girl!


happy birthday, jenn!

July 2, 2010
we love having you home for the summer
{jenn’s family lives in Tokyo for ten months out of the year,
and she lives two houses away from me, for the other two months.}

but, i can’t wait till you are able to spend your entire year with us!
maybe…i’ll graduate from college by then. {sigh}
maybe…my 3 year old & your 4 year old will really be potty trained by then.
maybe…my legs will be half as sexy as yours by then…
i better get workin‘ on that last one!


June 19, 2010
happy father’s day, weekend!!!
we are planning to play in the sun…
swim, bbq, go to a movie, or two. relax. maybe even nap!
what are your plans???

my dad and i, circa 1980.

fyi…i am named after both of my grandmothers.

Mary Jane Thaanum was my mom’s mom.
Francis Maree Beckner is my dad’s mom.

my name is Jane Francis Beckner Rhodes.

my parents both wanted their mother’s names to be my first name.


three of my besties had birthdays this month.

all of them, we celebrated with girls lunches.

brandy & i have been friends for twenty years.

susan and i have been friends for about twelve years.

and, bex and i have been friends for a couple of years now.

each of them, regardless of how long we’ve been friends, each of them knowing ALL of my faults, quirks, shortcomings, and goofiness, still choose to be my friends.

that is truly what friendship is all about.

i cannot even begin to tell you how much i trust,