happy birthday, summer!

welcome to your 30’s, it’s a good place to be!

you’re gonna love it!

p.s. it’s really fun having you in the neighborhood!


3 responses to “happy birthday, summer!

  1. happy birthday summer! I really want to eat one of those cupcakes again… mmm delish!

    still laughing at her "red" awkward moment! hahaha

  2. I am a friend/cousin of Jen Culley and I check on your cute blog every now and again. Funny, when I scrolled down to this picture, I realized that my cousin Lisa is in the photo. Tell her hello…I hardly ever see her! What a small world:)

  3. I am finally catching up on all the blogs I love to read…I got to this post and started laughing. Those stories are some of my "best" moments in life.
    Thank you for the lunch party. I love this neighborhood, and all of the amazing women that live here.
    I want to come to your next birthday party….I want some dirt on you!

    I wanna eat one of those cupcakes right now..I think I ate 4 that day.

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