my bestie bex, has a mister named max.

he is one handsome buddy to my sela and kj.
sela & kj have some very fueled sibling arguments over who’s friend he is.
you understand, max is very loved in our home.

well, my bestie’s mister is turning 5 today!!!
and i was the lucky friend-party lover who helped her with
some little robot plans for his party,
a couple weeks ago…

for example,

i volunteered to build max a robot for the party.
{i am crossing my fingers he wears the costume for halloween too!}

this project reminded me of great memories when i designed this.
one of these days, i am going to design one amazing halloween costume line.

until then…
my little man was my model for the max-bot project,

he happily tried on boxes for me as i constantly sized the costume.

kj posing for me—when max-bot was finished…

i think it turned out pretty good, the light feature in the front was a fun
little addition, with the reflectors, that will keep mister safe
should he decide to wear this for halloween!

you can see his party, here, it was um, amazing.
i realize i overuse this word.
until i come up with something better, amazing it is!

happy 5th birthday, mister!
{insert our secret handshake here!}


i used this homemade robot design
as my base for instructions,
i just made a few alterations…

such as the light, mirror reflector ears, max-bot is bigger,
and i decorated the back of the robot, too.

…a few of my polaroids from the party~

and, you should all know…
becky is one heckuva photographer.

if you need family pictures, or if you’re planning a big event & don’t want to be running around with your own camera? get in touch with her, she will work magic with that camera of hers!

…to see more of her work, check out our family picks from a couple of years ago, here, and these two parties here and here!

or click her button below to see even more…

10 responses to “max-bot…

  1. The costume is FABULOUS!!! You are so creative.
    question on a previous post….If you would be so kind and share where you purchase your witch lantern i would be ever so greatful.

  2. hey Adena~ the witch hat lantern is from a local orem store, "Evans Gatehouse," on State St. just South of 800 South.

    happy halloween. 😉

  3. PURE FUN! You're house is definately the best place to celebrate anything! Hey, let's celebrate Thursday. Yes, as in tomorrow 😉

  4. Amazing costume, I'm thinking things like kitty ears is about all I've got energy for this year.

    And that kid has the most awesome birthday ever. (Thanks for the love today!)

  5. i love your creativity… i would love for you to create your own costume line. i can totally see it now!

    definitely needs to be entered in a contest!

  6. I second the motion on Becky! She took our family pics last month and was nothing short of fabulous to work with. You will NOT be disappointed!

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