christmas cards: it’s tradition.

how do you feel about the tradition of christmas cards? a lost art? you’ve never sent one? you always send one?

i’m having an inner battle with the expense and time involved. i adore christmas cards – i have a preparing/addressing/stamping party of one when i’m preparing ours.

but, this year, we have maybe received 40-50… and, i sent almost 300.

should i stop? is it not-green to be doing so?
{my envelopes & washi tape from here andhere, personalized stamper from here.}

regardless, i still enjoy the tradition.  and, if you are not on our mailing list – here is our 2011 card & mini letter:

Rhodes family chronicles XV

here’s the cliff notes version of 2011 if you didn’t read the book… err… the blog (

chapter 1- Rhodes family living in Utah… loving life
chapter 2- Father of Rhodes family has an idea
chapter 3- Rhodes family votes on father’s idea
chapter 4- Rhodes family packs up and moves to Boston
chapter 5- Rhodes family is fond of Boston
Visited the Cape in the summer,
Salem for Halloween, Plymouth for Thanksgiving,
many, many Sox games and so much more!

chapter 6- Rhodes family still misses Utah…

sneak peak at next book- many friends & family (YOU) come to Boston
to help Rhodes family forget they are homesick.


i am magnetically drawn to the charm of capturing my kids personalities in the perfect shots. every year, something new – planning mismatched clothes and wrinkled noses, heads tipped in laughter, and the comfort that comes from not realizing there’s a camera in your face.

we’ve been doing this for a long time, and someday we will look back and laugh, retelling stories of the year i drew funny eyes on their hands with sharpies! …made them wear glasses, here. the year we danced & jumped in front of a camera, here.

my conclusion on the cards, it’s all good. it’s tradition.

{top two images by me.  this years family pictures by: Junebug photography. card design by me.}

8 responses to “christmas cards: it’s tradition.”

  1. my! how your KJ has grown since 2011. Merry Christmas! I love the idea of cards, though, can’t say I always follow through!

  2. Your cards are adorable! I was actually thinking that we received more cards this year than in years past… But, I do think a lot of people are just sending them digitally more often. I hope the tradition doesn’t die because I love getting cards at Christmas time!

  3. I love cards!
    And, your card was just darling!
    I’m sure you will have a lot of cards waiting for you when you get back from your trip. (including ours)

    I love them! A great way to spread holiday cheer! Of course if you have the time and the means to do it.

  4. I LURVE Christmas Cards and look forward to sending and receiving every year! Although we always end up sending more than we get back too.

  5. I loved your Christmas card this year, and equally adored years past! Keep sending them, I think most people are just cutting back and trying to survive. I’m determined to send them again next year… even to the Rhodes… wherever you are :).

  6. I am with you, I love to send and recieve Christmas cards, but I don’t send anywhere near 300. The USPS should send YOU one each year with a thank you for keeping them in buisiness! Yours are beautiful and fun!

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