how do you feel about the tradition of christmas cards? a lost art? you’ve never sent one? you always send one?

i’m having an inner battle with the expense and time involved. i adore christmas cards – i have a preparing/addressing/stamping party of one when i’m preparing ours.

but, this year, we have maybe received 40-50… and, i sent almost 300.

should i stop? is it not-green to be doing so?
{my envelopes & washi tape from here andhere, personalized stamper from here.}

regardless, i still enjoy the tradition. ¬†and, if you are not on our mailing list –


happy birthday…

May 24, 2011

{daphne & i, ballroom team at suu, 1995}

…she has graced this little blog of mine many a times.
and she has been one of my besties since freshman year at suu.
and a roommate for one of those years…
she is a very good, genuine and loving person…
who has seen me at my worst {too many times to count}
and still loves me.

happy thirty-five, my chicka!



husband and kj are home! they just spent ten days together in the philippines,
and have returned home safely… in the middle of a blizzard here.

plus, it’s thanksgiving…i’m in such a great mood, not even kidding you.

i am thankful…for being happy. truly happy. to the core of my soul.

i am thankful…for passions, and the ability to discover.

i am thankful…for this amazing feeling of peace my heart has found.

i am thankful…for feeling loved. by so many. for knowing, they know me at my best and worst and love me.

i am thankful…for husband. {bet you saw that one coming.} he’s my favorite person ever.



November 13, 2010

my man is forty today.

…as in just a few minutes ago, he turned forty.

and let me tell you, it looks soooo good on him.

he owns it.

and yes, there are kids or myself in every photo.

…because we love our big papi.

he keeps us so entertained. we feel his love.

we’re like moths to his light.

they say, life begins at forty…
bring it on – we’ll be right there, with you.

cheers, babe!