today: i am especially thankful for {in no particular order}…

husband and kj are home! they just spent ten days together in the philippines,
and have returned home safely… in the middle of a blizzard here.

plus, it’s thanksgiving…i’m in such a great mood, not even kidding you.

i am thankful…for being happy. truly happy. to the core of my soul.

i am thankful…for passions, and the ability to discover.

i am thankful…for this amazing feeling of peace my heart has found.

i am thankful…for feeling loved. by so many. for knowing, they know me at my best and worst and love me.

i am thankful…for husband. {bet you saw that one coming.} he’s my favorite person ever. he supports me in the craziest things i decide to do. there is always his response, “ok, lets figure out how to do it…”

i am thankful…he has this magical place right up by his neck where i can snuggle and there is peace and calm all in an instant.

i am thankful…for husbands balance in my life. the way he shakes my nasty moods with laughter. there is no one who makes me laugh the way he does.

i am thankful…for the showers of love i get from my kids {i sort of have the best!}. they look to me for guidance, instructions, directions, approval, and without any request from me, at the end of every day, and at the beginning of every morning, their snuggles and love know no end. even when i fail.

i am thankful…i get to be their mom. there is only one, and it’s me. amazing.

i am thankful…for hot mocha in the morning, hot mocha in the evening, green tea, and black tea, and every vice i have.

i am thankful…for a healthy body.

i am thankful…for hot baths, and bath oils, and fancy perfume on an ordinary day.

i am thankful… for yummy smells. everywhere. fresh smelling laundry and fresh smelling towels and linens, and sliding my feet into a freshly made clean bed {cold sheets!}. snuggling with little munchkins with clean fresh hair, and little bodies covered in yummy lotion.

i am thankful…for my ability to create, and my computer, and my camera, and the constant desire to express myself. i heart creativity in all its forms.

i am thankful for my inquisitive mind…am i capturing it all? not enough? too much?

i am thankful…for my little gold karma necklace and the crazy peace it gives me, for my mac lipstick and eyelash curler.

i am thankful…for beautiful women in my life who are crazy. genuine. supportive. accepting. talented. inspiring. ambitious. fearless. not catty or criticizing.

i am thankful…for people who read my blog, this community makes my day, everyday. please know that my gratitude for you is completely and totally sincere.

i am thankful…for beliefs. religious. spiritual. yours. mine. the freedom to choose.

i am thankful…that today there will be turkey, and yams, and rolls, and cranberry sauce, and kids activity books around the kitchen, and a fireplace crackling with snow outside.

i am thankful…for our annual turkey bowl. i love seeing the kids have fun, and it means i’m having triple the fun.

i am thankful…that ryan, and ranee, and suzi will be joining us for dinner. i’m keeping my fingers crossed that amber {had her second baby girl on monday!}, ryan, and emery will come too! with baby hazel!!!

i am thankful…with every fiber of my being that i will soak up everything this day has to offer, and share those moments with the people i love most.

my family.

take a break from this virtual www., go offline, {unless you’re skyp-ing}
and love those around you…
{even if you don’t celebrate the holiday}
and take a moment to notice the things you’re thankful for.
may your tables be full and overflowing.

happy thanksgiving,

{i am really excited that december is in six days – are you with me?!?}

6 responses to “today: i am especially thankful for {in no particular order}…

  1. i love you!! so thankful to have you as a part of my life! I love your family tons… have a fabulous day my friend!

    ~we both are feeling the love today! ha

  2. Jane, I read your blog daily…you are extremely inspirational and I love all that you share! Happy thanksgiving!!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all! Being from Canada, my thanksgiving was celebrated last month. Hope you are all enjoying turkey right now!

  4. You are too sweet and I love you! This was a wonderful and inspiring post. One that creates gratitude from each reader. You are an amazing person and friend.

  5. "In no particular order" because that order changes day to day. For example, I'm sure "thankful for husband" is slowly making a climb up from the bottom since Saturday. 🙂

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