my man is forty today.

…as in just a few minutes ago, he turned forty.

and let me tell you, it looks soooo good on him.

he owns it.

and yes, there are kids or myself in every photo.

…because we love our big papi.

he keeps us so entertained. we feel his love.

we’re like moths to his light.

they say, life begins at forty…
bring it on – we’ll be right there, with you.

cheers, babe!


9 responses to “forty.”

  1. Happy Birthday, Old Man! Nothing more sexy than a man who loves his wife and children – no matter what the age.

  2. Jane, I love the way you write. If we did a Utah County version of best looking at 40, I'm pretty sure he'd be the cover 🙂 But don't tell him, it'll boost his ego 😉

  3. i have always loved how amazing of a father and hubby dusty is! He truly does make "40" look so good… and you are pretty much the reason why!

    happy birthday Dirty! 😉

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