yes, smiling.

because when i start to think of what i’m thankful for,

i smile.

i smile because i think of my husband and how good his soul is.
his determination to make me laugh in my worst of moods,
he is so much more than i ever deserved.

i smile because i think of my oldest daughter who is more and more beautiful everyday, and in so many ways a mini-me in character, and in so many ways constantly teaching me to be better.

i smile because i think of my moosey, her sassy humor, always ready to tell you her leatest joke.

her latest story.

i smile because i think of my only son, his perfect fit in our family. his arms that strangle me with hugs all the day long.

i smile because i think of my little miss three, she is packed with sparkles and is currently the charming ruler of our roost.

i smile because i think of how many dear friends & family i have, and how fortunate my life is, and the amazing opportunities i have had.

i smile because we are healthy, and happy, and swimming in love.

…then i become teary eyed.

and all choked up.

because by the time i have thought of the things i am most thankful for,
i become overwhelmed with emotion, overwhelmed with how blessed i am.

overwhelmed with an immense gratitude for all i have, and who i am.

but oh the joy of being able to fully appreciate.

that is what a celebration of thanksgiving is about, to me.

happy thanksgiving!


dusty, danny, and i are ending our 3 months of no sugar,
on thanksgiving.

turkey. yams. mashed potatoes. stuffing. rolls. sparkling apple cider. pumpkin pie. pecan pie. cake bites.

considerable weight gain is expected!!!

we’ll be ambitious
with our new year’s resolutions,

gobble, gobble!

{peak at past turkey days, here and here.}

8 responses to “smiling.”

  1. Thanks for sharing Jane. I too am now chocked up 🙂 We are so blessed to have so much to be thankful for. You are are a better woman than I. I don't think I could ever do the "No Sugar" thing that long.

  2. What a sweet blog! Don't weigh yourself tomorrow. You have definitely earned a free day! I can't believe how dedicated you guys all were. Where are the before and after picks of the three of you?

  3. Love your sweet soul, dear friend. So blessed to have you and your wonderful example in my life.

    And ditto the sentiment… I too have sore cheeks from all the smiles today, and every day.
    Life is wonderful.

    Now go eat some pie, my dear! You've earned it!

  4. I know I'm being my usual self and reading this a few days behind–but had to comment. That was beautiful-you are a talented writer and said everything in my heart that I'm no good at expressing outloud when we go around the table and say what we're tahnkful for. Amen to everything and I'm thankful for you too. Thankful for years of loyal, true friendship…and putting up with my quirks and air-headed moments. 🙂 Love you.

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