on thursday evening, i hosted a book club at my home. {i think we could also be dubbed, “eating club.” lol!} this past month we read, ‘the education of little tree‘ by forrest carter which was my book choice. the book itself offers a perspective of life as a cherokee indian boy {named – little tree} being raised by his grandparents during the depression. i tend to be drawn to books that offer any perspective i haven’t considered – be it cultural, a different time period, etc.

most everyone liked the book – we just need to do a little research now to find out which events/happenings are based on fact & what is fictional…


♥ a teen-y party ♥

March 2, 2011

ohhh, where to begin…

let me start a few months back. i had explained to kiana for months previous to her birthday, that we were simplifying everything this year – meaning: honey, you’re old enough that we can downsize with your birthday party. and, being the mature young woman that she is, she was totally content with that. she didn’t expect anything.

then, about a month ago, i told her:
ok, we will plan a fun afternoon with some of your besties. and that’s it.

and, she was ecstatic. couldn’t wait!

we made these invitations, she delivered them to eight friends &


balloon invitations.

February 23, 2011

some big plans are underway for my oldest daughter this weekend.
she is going from twelve —-to—-thirteen!

we are going to have a teenager!!!

very soon.

using inspiration from ‘On Hand + Modern’ here,
i put together these balloon invitations with kiana’s assistance,
and she delivered them last week.

i designed a business-card size invitation, and had them printed on the pearl paper i am obsessed with. we are planning her party with a color theme…

the colors are: gold, silver {grey}, cream, and peach. and bows. and stripes.


*our girls*

February 18, 2011
there was a phase of our life, when these two girls were our only babies.

they are 22 months apart.

and, we really debated not having any more kids.

i was charmed by husband saying things like, “for my girls” and “there’s my girls” in reference to the three of us.

we thought two kids was perfect, one for each of us to manage, when moments get crazy.

{ha! that didn’t last long… we had two more, now we think 4 is perfect!}

but, for 3 years, kiana and myla were *our girls,*
we lived in Asia &


lookiehere. {easy instructions too}

ok, really…

aren’t these awesome?!?

some days it really pays off to be a graphic-design-student/momma…
{but really…these are easy-peasy, anyone could make them!}

3 things i’m thinking post-project:

1) my heart is a little sad that miss twelve doesn’t want hers, she’s-so-over-giving-valentine’s. (junior high) … {i thought it would still be cute to give them to her besties…she disagrees.}
2) kj nearly refused to participate. would NOT sit in front of a pink background, so we used black. he also has these valentine’s to give out too,


i’m thirty-five.
as in, almost twenty-four hours ago, i turned thirty-five.
and, i was shakin’ it with this iphone photo app, all weekend…

my entire weekend has been a celebration.
so much goodness jam-packed into three days.

how am i feeling? about this big three-five?

well, the first five years of my thirties were beautiful,
easy to age…as i kept adding those years.

this next five i might not take with such grace.
this three-five feels like the older-side-of-thirty.


for now, i’m happily-thirty-five,

girls lunch on friday at smashburger…my choice of restaurant!



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