the education of little tree.

on thursday evening, i hosted a book club at my home. {i think we could also be dubbed, “eating club.” lol!} this past month we read, ‘the education of little tree‘ by forrest carter which was my book choice. the book itself offers a perspective of life as a cherokee indian boy {named – little tree} being raised by his grandparents during the depression. i tend to be drawn to books that offer any perspective i haven’t considered – be it cultural, a different time period, etc.

most everyone liked the book – we just need to do a little research now to find out which events/happenings are based on fact & what is fictional…

i feel very fortunate to be constantly surrounded by such beautiful, inspiring, brilliant, ambitious, talented, and successful women. such an honor.

“surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” – oprah. {she is a wise woman!}

she also said, “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” ohhhh, love that – can i get an a-men?!?


there are two local utah county restaurants that i adore – pizzeria 712 & communal. well, listen to this…i recently discovered that the same owners of these two divine places have a catering co.!!! omgosh, it’s just brilliant!

the heirloom catering co. catered this event for me, i had a hard time narrowing down my menu choices, but finally went with two soups + house made rolls and bread + two desserts. they were all just as beautiful as they were delicious!

my little trees – which served as decor & favors are from nurserymen. i was planning along the lines of the books theme + wanted to keep things green with st. patrick’s day around the corner.


have you read any good books lately? what types of books do you like to read?
i always love suggestions!

{this is not a sponsored post, it is strictly all places & products i truly dote on. including the people! photos by me.}

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  1. you sure know how to throw a party! everything was perfect. i really do think we have a great group of gals.

  2. Two books I could suggest are P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern and Rush Home Road by Lori Lansens.

    I know P.S. I Love You is a movie but I'm telling, it does NOT compare to the book. I couldn't even sit through the movie because it was such a terrible "version" of the book.

    Rush Home Road is a little bit of everything (romance, hardship, racism, history, etc) but it's a great read. It's Canadian I believe, but hopefully you'd be able to find it someone down there!

  3. such a great book club night!!

    and, our group of gals really is the best!

    thanks again! it was amazing!
    my little ezra was so excited to plant the little tree!

  4. Jane. It was such a pleasure to come to your beautiful home. The food was amazing, the Bachelor commentary, priceless. See you next month!

  5. Jane your throw the most amazing get-togethers! So thought out, well planned and creative. Looks like the funnest book club ever!

  6. Right now I'm reading "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society." I know it's been around for a while so possibly you have already read it. But I'm loving it so far!

  7. Book club was perfect…delish food, great book and fabulous company!

    Your home was lovely…thanks for having us! I love our bookclub…

  8. AMEN!!!

    love the tree's as 'favors!' darling idea.
    and that catering company looks amazing!

    i of course loved "the hunger games" have you read that yet? Loved it.

    also one of my fav's this last summer was "the Help"

  9. "The Education of Little Tree" is one of my favorite books! It is one that I like to reread from time to time-just to remind myself how much I love it.

    "Dandelion Wine" is also one of my favorites, and "So Big" is next on my list of books to read.

    By the by all that food looks amazing!

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