we’re suckers…for valentine’s!

lookiehere. {easy instructions too}

ok, really…

aren’t these awesome?!?

some days it really pays off to be a graphic-design-student/momma…
{but really…these are easy-peasy, anyone could make them!}

3 things i’m thinking post-project:

1) my heart is a little sad that miss twelve doesn’t want hers, she’s-so-over-giving-valentine’s. (junior high) … {i thought it would still be cute to give them to her besties…she disagrees.}
2) kj nearly refused to participate. would NOT sit in front of a pink background, so we used black. he also has these valentine’s to give out too, because he still isn’t fond of the homemade sucker-card.
3) i could NOT get sela to look at the camera, it was either left or right. the photos below give you a good idea of how we set-up the photo. you can buy these boards at most local craft stores starting at about $10 in a bazillion colors. they are great for instant-at-home back drops. they are also just sitting on the back of my cardboard chair, see:

do you celebrate valentine’s day? are you ready???

20 responses to “we’re suckers…for valentine’s!

  1. HOLY CUTENESS!! cutest idea ever!! i love this.
    Too bad we already bought the fun dip valentines.

    so stinkin adorable!! I love Valentines day!
    gearing up for the school parties!

  2. {jane}
    awesome cleverness – even though my kids are grown; i bet my daughter would love this idea for her valentines!
    can't wait to see the blog about the pinwheel:)

  3. Hi Jane….you don't know me but I mentored with Vanessa and took your darling kids pictures.
    Just came across your blog and LOVING it! I am going to take my kids photos today for the Vday cards…those are the cutest things ever!
    I'm putting you on my favorites!!
    Have a great day!~angie

  4. AMAZING! Totally the cutest!

    And, I made the salt scrub today. SO fun! Thanks for all the great tips my clever, crafty friend!

  5. yours turned out darling! i just finished mine last night. i'll post pictures soon.

    so much fun to hang and seriously laugh so hard at your "story". you're the bomb.

  6. I seriously hate you. You are so dang creative. I don't have an ounce of that in me. When I die and come back to my next life I want to be Jane.

  7. Hi Jane ~
    I've been reading about you & your family for a while now … I love all of your amazing ideas and try to use them whenever I can!

    Just wanted you to know that I made the Valentines with my son and they were a HUGE hit at school!

    Thanks for the awesome idea!

  8. These are seriously brilliant. They're fun, personal, colorful and better yet, they come with candy. Love, love this idea! Great job!

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