{our annual family newsletter & pictures}


the holidays 2010

well, dusty closed the doors of his company of almost 15 years- pro look sports. we sold our house, pulled the kids out of school, and are moving to a commune in montana to grow organic food, raise animals, and live in peace with the universe. ok, maybe not…changed our minds once we realized there was no indoor plumbing. anyway, i wanted to start this letter with something more interesting than, “this economy sucks, happy holidays…how are you?!?”

for those of you saying, “but dusty & jane, your christmas letter is the most exciting part of my family’s christmas celebration and we look forward to it with joyful glee and anticipation” please get a life!


eighty and sunny…

December 22, 2010

where we are.

{greetings from mexico.}

we are spending our afternoons by the pool, at the beach, by another pool, by another beach, by another pool, by another beach. repeat. repeat. repeat. {for two weeks!}

life is good.

life was best for my moosey when we discovered they had set-up new soccer goals down on the beach.

her birthday is next week, and she is now requesting we play sand soccer all day for her!

the sand crab,
caught by big papi,
created some big smiles from our little munchkins…

my funny honey.


holiday home tour…

November 9, 2010
shamelessly, we went straight from halloween to christmas.

on november 1st.

my thanksgiving table will be decorated appropriately…
with turkeys, brown, orange, leaves, and pilgrims.
and, we will feast with giant thankful hearts.


big ‘but’ here…

the ambiance surrounding the next eight weeks
is set in red, silver, white, gold, green,
candy canes, owls, santas, wreaths, and
with lots of lights & sparkles…



October 6, 2010
my bestie bex, has a mister named max.

he is one handsome buddy to my sela and kj.
sela & kj have some very fueled sibling arguments over who’s friend he is.
you understand, max is very loved in our home.

well, my bestie’s mister is turning 5 today!!!
and i was the lucky friend-party lover who helped her with
some little robot plans for his party,
a couple weeks ago…

for example,

i volunteered to build max a robot for the party.
{i am crossing my fingers he wears the costume for halloween too!}

this project reminded me of great memories when i designed this.


my husbands older brother lives on a ranch in reno, just outside of the city.
his wife, is an incredible rodeo-queen coach…

they board horses, and auntie trains on average twenty girls who come and go all week long. some of them stay for a few days, some come for one… but everyday there are pre-teen and teenage girls at their ranch, riding horses & training for rodeos.

a girls horse heaven. you can imagine.

last summer {here}, our girls had the time of their lives while they spent five days at their uncle & auntie’s ranch.

this summer, our girls begged to go again,



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