diy: chandelier

have you ever seen the ‘west elm’ capiz pendant lamp? well, it’s magnificent.

and, my friend susan made a chandelier for only $9.00 that is very comparable using this tutorial,
and it turned out beautiful! like, your jaw hits the floor, shockingly-beautiful!

then {then!} as we all oooo’d and ahhhhh’d over the $9 chandelier, susan offered to have a craft night where we all got together, and made an assembly line to finish a few of them as a group!

here’s our big night {at my house} ~

my thoughts post-project:

  • i am obsessed with how my chandelier turned out – it’s gorgeous. I’ve also found some victorian lamp posts that will look perfect outside my house. The chandelier and lamp posts will look amazing together!
  • it’s strange that wax & parchment paper are so hard to find.
  • when cutting the wax circles, i learned that making a pile of 3 layers of sheets {x the 3 layers you iron together, so really 9} – cutting 3 holes at a time – is the best/most efficient way to go.
  • i own two sewing machines, that both suck.
  • susan is crazy-amazing with her sewing machine. everyone should check out the moccasins she makes – i mean, how hip is it that the kardashian grand kids are wearing them?!?
  • as i’ve said 1,000 times before, i feel so lucky to be surrounded by such talented-brilliant women.

my chandelier expenses:

  • floor lamp – already owned {this was a great face lift for it.}
  • wax paper – 6 rolls /1 roll parchment paper…$11
  • white thread – already had.
  • thrifted lamp shade + one row of wire…$2

=$13 total cost {amazing, yeah?}

{all photos by me. all opinions are mine – this is not a sponsored post.}

28 responses to “diy: chandelier”

  1. wow! those turned out great!!

    th0se pictures make me tired just looking at them. that looks like an intense project! but, clearly the end result is amazing!

  2. your lamp looks great and your big room looks even better now. thanks again for hosting such a fun night!

  3. awesome lamps!

    Jane–off topic…I noticed all the cute cardigans in this post that you and your friends are all wearing. Where do you buy yours?

    love your blog! thanks:)
    –amanda in TX

  4. That is crazy cool! So impressive and what a beautiful end result! It never ceases to amaze me the talents that people have.

  5. A-MAZING! Wow. I am seriously impressed. My birthday is in May -as you know-how much do you love me? {wink}

  6. I'm so sad I couldn't make it. Why did my husband have to be out of town?? Looks like a blast and your lamp is the bomb.

  7. I love this whole thing! A big shout out to the 2:30 crew – you guys committed all the way – love all the pictures! Thanks for posting it – don't know if I'll get around to it but I'm glad to know someone not only attempted, but completed this amazing project! Kim in CA

  8. wow! they look fantastic! what a great job you all did… stores are going to be selling out of waxed paper! nice work.

  9. I wish I attended crafting parties into the wee hours of the night, especially if I got the same results!! Amazing!

  10. Oh it turned out GORGEOUS!!!! Now I'm even more sad that I couldn't make it!
    I really missed out!!!

    It looks so fab in your family room! Love it!

  11. I just came across your blog {from Amy's blog..i think} and I had to comment. I saw Susan blog about this a while back and thought, GENIUS! I may just have to make one, one of these days.

    Darling family you have by the way. πŸ™‚

  12. ha! we made it! it seemed pretty daunting, but we did finish in one night so it could have been worse, right? πŸ™‚

    yours looks great!

    thanks again…

  13. Hi Jane! I absolutely LOVE this! I would like to feature on my design blog Decor Hacks. Please let me know if you would allow me to use one photo with a link to your tutorial. Thank you!

  14. LOVE IT. Looks great and I love the team effort. Looks like so much fun. (and i canΒ΄t believe how fab you guys look at 2:30!!) πŸ™‚

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