i’m going out of my normal-posting-topic here, to offer parenting advice.

offering parenting-advice via the www., is also not my norm, so feel free to make the comment-section an open forum for discussion. and, please remember – this is strictly my opinion and our experiences, there are a variety of great ways to handle this in each of your own lives.

with that said…

we have a tradition of teaching our kids about the birds and the bees on or near their eighth birthday. it’s an age i feel is just about the right time to introduce them to the subject, before they start to hear things on their own. it has always been important to me that these facts would first be learned at home.


my mom has lived with us for ten years. in our last home, we had a mother-in-law-apartment in the basement and she moved in with us there in 2001. then when we built our current home, we built grandma her own little cottage that you can see in the post below. {she really enjoys sitting in front of her cottage on warm afternoons.}

with our big move to boston coming up, my mom is going to return to salt lake city and live closer to family there.

so, this feels like the end of an era, we are going our separate ways after spending a decade together… our kids are accustomed to grandma just being a one minute walk away…


{post title inspired by this song. it was played last night at fenway as papelbon ran on the field.}

oh my goodness. have you heard the news?!? our next adventure awaits!

husband and i are in boston as i type this, and we have been house-hunting, school-visiting, restaurant-trying, dance-studio searching, etc etc – working out all the details to move our family of six across the country soon…

so, it’s now officially official.


we are finalizing our home plans. we have found a ‘1965 deck house’ in Brookline that has lots of retro charm but needs some love.


i’m on a crafty marathon around here…

my latest project: the most brilliant art ever created with recycled paper towel & toilet paper rolls! Originally I wanted something similar to this mural wallpaper to decorate the rooms, but then I had a brilliant idea.

i first spotted this wall art last year at my fave local boutique ‘soel.’ my darling friend shelby is the owner, and a couple months ago she hosted a craft night to create these, but i was out of town and couldn’t go…

so, after months of this being on my ‘to-do’ list, i finally *saved enough rolls to get started!


diy: chandelier

March 26, 2011

have you ever seen the ‘west elm’ capiz pendant lamp? well, it’s magnificent.

and, my friend susan made a chandelier for only $9.00 that is very comparable using this tutorial,
and it turned out beautiful! like, your jaw hits the floor, shockingly-beautiful!

then {then!} as we all oooo’d and ahhhhh’d over the $9 chandelier, susan offered to have a craft night where we all got together, and made an assembly line to finish a few of them as a group!

here’s our big night {at my house} ~

my thoughts post-project:

  • i am obsessed with how my chandelier turned out –



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