balloon invitations.

some big plans are underway for my oldest daughter this weekend.
she is going from twelve —-to—-thirteen!

we are going to have a teenager!!!

very soon.

using inspiration from ‘On Hand + Modern’ here,
i put together these balloon invitations with kiana’s assistance,
and she delivered them last week.

i designed a business-card size invitation, and had them printed on the pearl paper i am obsessed with. we are planning her party with a color theme…

the colors are: gold, silver {grey}, cream, and peach. and bows. and stripes.
we have found it’s hard to actually find peach. and not orange.

with jordan’s advice from oh happy day, we used 5″ balloons in place of water balloons, and it worked great!

we used our own helium tank at home. filled the balloons prior to delivering the invitations to make sure the balloons would still float-out-of-the-box-when-opened for full effect. also, we only used white thread to tie to the balloons so there was not a weighty-string attached.

the balloons were simply tied to the little invite for a weight to keep them from floating away…

because, as we learned, they can float away. during this process, my art room had a ceiling covered in little balloons. however, you do have to over-fill the 5″ balloons somewhat, to make them really float. otherwise, they hover.

stay tuned, for the party details! {i’m so excited!}

{photos by me.}

18 responses to “balloon invitations.

  1. jane! thanks for the comment lady, and i'd be happy to snap a few of your family any day of the week. =) and seriously, i kinda can't wait to see the rest of the party. i'm dying over the invites.

  2. Oh my goodness! 13? Wow, I feel like everyone is growing up but me 🙂 Those invites are darling. I can't wait to see the pics of the actual party.

  3. Wow!! I recently found you blog and love all of your amazing ideas!!
    Can't wait to use this idea for my son's 1st birthday. Can I ask where you got the boxes and balloons from?

  4. Those are darling Jane! Love the idea! I'm going to scope the party details right now.

    And a teenager? Oh my!

  5. @ tonya, i purchased the boxes locally at the paper store xpedex, and the 5" balloons from zurchers, also a local party store.

    happy party planning!!!

  6. Too cute for words! What are the dimensions of the box you used? Hoping to source a box that fits…but considering a giant box filled with the little balloons as they will be opened in a classroom full of four year olds 🙂 Also, how long did the balloons float for? love the business card idea!

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