September 21, 2014

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With my break from blogging, I also stepped away from pinterest. I would pop in every once in a while and take a look around, but for almost two years I didn’t pin very often. My love for pinterest sways because as much as it is packed with good, amazing images – all hail Ben Silbermann!!! It also frustrates a lot of “creatives” who want to have and admire original ideas.

Maybe you have seen this happen: someone posts a creative/uniquely artsy idea or image on instagram. Within the first handful of comments a follower will say, so cool! i saw something like that on pinterest. Instant emotional deflation. In the art world,



April 25, 2012

we go through phases in our home – one week we watch every popular video floating around the great web then we have dry spells. i feel like there’s been a lot of fun, fresh, beautifully created videos out there lately. if you have time to kill today – check these out:

to start your morning, which deems itself appropriate for this video, watch this – {source}

now wipe away the tears, and to cheer things up for your afternoon – check out this artsy, fun band – {via – husband, via daphne’s kids, ha!}

i love how they are all playing one guitar!

then on the next video –


sela had her preschool christmas program earlier this month,
it was a-MAZ-ing.

her school goes all out, not a single detail forgotten.

it was a big after school-family event.

gourmet desserts, santa came to visit, the kids made reindeer trail mix,
so many cute activities! adorable decorations and gifts.

every half-hour, whatever kids were there from all grades could join in the sing-a-long to perform for the audience filled with proud parents eagerly watching.

sela has been singing her favorite christmas song at home, in the car, everywhere we go… for all our friends, she sings.

then the moment to perform came.

i shuffled through the crowd to get her in place,


one more dream…

October 9, 2010
to add to my book of dreams…

some time in this life,
i hope to be at a little club, little concert,
and i want to be on stage to sing along with husband & great friends,
in a song like this…

i want to be the girl with the tambourine.
husband comes in with the trumpet solo.
…he already owns a trumpet,
he played it in high school,
i’m sure he’s up to the task!

i hope everyone is having a BEAUTIFUL weekend!!!

what are some of your dreams?

{thank you my dear katie,



July 29, 2010
kiana, and center stage had a fantastic week at nationals for nuvo.

the dancers spend their week, dancing. dancing. dancing. around the clock.

kiana would take workshop classes from 8am-2pm each day. i would meet up with her for lunch, and our typical scene is shown below… dancers and their mommas at lunch break~

then each afternoon from about 4pm-midnight is the national competition. we are not allowed to take photos during the competition because professional videos & photos are offered there, so i am limited, to where i can snap away…but still got a few.

kiana was competing as a junior national break out artist.