we go through phases in our home – one week we watch every popular video floating around the great web then we have dry spells. i feel like there’s been a lot of fun, fresh, beautifully created videos out there lately. if you have time to kill today – check these out:

to start your morning, which deems itself appropriate for this video, watch this – {source}

now wipe away the tears, and to cheer things up for your afternoon – check out this artsy, fun band – {via – husband, via daphne’s kids, ha!}

i love how they are all playing one guitar!

then on the next video – how ridiculously awesome + artsy is the box house – it fuels my cardboard obsessions.  then don’t stop there – go check out more of their videos!

then… if you have a child who is a fan of Halo, and you haven’t seen the Kia Soul commercial yet — check this out! i had to memorize the hamster dance moves, because my kids just love it when i break into dance in the middle of our home office/art room when the party anthem shows up! {via my son}

back to something in the water… more my pace. enjoy: {via}
if brooke fraser is new to you, check out more of her videos too!

lastly, watch this. and then go be productive! ::wink:: {via}

kudos to youtube for adding the ‘customize your pixel size on embedding videos!’ love that.


8 responses to “videos.”

  1. I found your blog the other day and I REALLY enjoyed reading through your posts.

    That first video is such a beautiful advertisement – shame it’s for P&G but ah well.

  2. I love your links and I have linked you on my blog. Thanks for sharing them. My guitar playing son is going to love the second one.

  3. Jane, we LOVE LOVE LOVE Walk Off the Earth! My hubby is into eclectic music, and I think they definitely fit the bill. Thanks for sharing!

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