…only a hippopotamus will do!

sela had her preschool christmas program earlier this month,
it was a-MAZ-ing.

her school goes all out, not a single detail forgotten.

it was a big after school-family event.

gourmet desserts, santa came to visit, the kids made reindeer trail mix,
so many cute activities! adorable decorations and gifts.

every half-hour, whatever kids were there from all grades could join in the sing-a-long to perform for the audience filled with proud parents eagerly watching.

sela has been singing her favorite christmas song at home, in the car, everywhere we go… for all our friends, she sings.

then the moment to perform came.

i shuffled through the crowd to get her in place, then quickly went back behind everyone to watch. camera ready. she was standing by kids she didn’t know.

she started to look nervous.

then we watched her pan the crowd to find us,
and she couldn’t find us,
she’s looking more nervous, holding her lips in tight, trying to be brave…

the next song starts, ohhhhh, this is her big moment…

tears. tears start to form in the corners of her eyes,
she still can’t see us,
full panic has settled in as she runs into the crowd, finds daddy,
clutching his leg, we rush to a new activity to distract her.

then, you bet your boots, we got in our suv to leave,
we found her special song on my ipod,
we played it over and over and over as loud as we could
and she and i had our own little
“i want a hippopotamus for christmas” rock-out in the car.

sure love my girl.

{and, stay tuned…her wish just might come true!}

2 responses to “…only a hippopotamus will do!”

  1. um darling! i love that she ran right in to the audience!

    dude, i think you should come home now. ha! merry christmas!

  2. So sweet! Don't you wish you could press the freeze button and hold on to these tender moments forever. Some people are afraid of death, heights, bugs, snakes…… I am scared of my little ones not being little anymore. I cry about it all the time. I know the future will bring me new and exciting things but I just love the sweetness of my little ones. (Even when they make me want to pull my hair out.) Ok, sorry for the novel 🙂

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