beyonce’s halo + xbox 360 halo = hillarious!

dusty’s niece mallory is a member of divine comedy at byu,

Recently, Mallory and about five of her divine comedy pals used our home {mostly the basement} to film the youtube video posted below.

Our home theater is a bit of a shrine to ‘master chief’ and the xbox 360 game halo. my husband and son are fans. another 20 or more adults/kids come and go from our home on a regular basis to play halo here…

this also includes my daughters. they will one day be the ‘cool girls’ to date because of their sick halo skills!

i, on the other hand, rarely attempt to play. i can’t even figure out where i am on the map when i try to play…it ends up something like this,

me: “kj, where am i?”
kj: “mom, move to the right, now change your weapon, hit A then B and open the menu…go around the corner, no, no, MOM, you’re going the wrong way…”
me: “do what? go where? who just shot me? that wasn’t nice! “
kj: “here, mom, give me your controller, i’ll do it for you…”

{at this point, i always find a project elsewhere that i can be working on.}

Dusty & i just saw this video for the first time tonight and we are still laughing…
it is so clever.
just hillarious!
i am in awe of the talent to make such a video!

even if you have no idea what beyonce’s halo {the song} is or what the xbox 360 halo {a video game based on the concept of killing aliens} is, you must watch the video below!

the girl singing is whitney, and this is HER voice, she’s very talented…everyone else including mallory is in directing/producing/etc etc…

16 responses to “beyonce’s halo + xbox 360 halo = hillarious!

  1. So funny! And she has an amazing voice! I posted it to my facebook, I have several friends who will find it funny.

  2. haha that's so awesome!! I will always remember Boston playing Halo with his friends and bragging up KJ's skills to them. He always wanted KJ to come play Halo with him.

    I am with you, i just can't play that game!

  3. Hi jane, I found your blog through Cori's… I love your creativity and style…so much fun! I live in a house full of Halo addicts, so I loved this video! Tell your kids "hi" from Mrs. James!

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