one more dream…

to add to my book of dreams…

some time in this life,
i hope to be at a little club, little concert,
and i want to be on stage to sing along with husband & great friends,
in a song like this…

i want to be the girl with the tambourine.
husband comes in with the trumpet solo.
…he already owns a trumpet,
he played it in high school,
i’m sure he’s up to the task!

i hope everyone is having a BEAUTIFUL weekend!!!

what are some of your dreams?

{thank you my dear katie, for sharing the video on replikate.}

6 responses to “one more dream…

  1. Jane, Michael plays the trumpet!! He played in HS too!!! We should have him and Dusty do a little musical act for us all, that would be funny! You can play the tambourine and I will do flips in the background:)

  2. Oh you would have been such a cool hippie child! If and when you are on a stage with a tamborine and Dusty breaks in for a trumpet solo, call me – I just might fly out for that. The visual is making me smile 🙂

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