california girls provo, utah girls…

do you remember when i posted this?

well, our niece mallory has done it again.

this time, she is in the video! she’s the first girl to make an appearance,
has long wavy hair, and a big gorgeous smile…

hit play!

4 responses to “california girls provo, utah girls…”

  1. This made my entire day…no, my entire week! I was laughing out loud. What a cute video, I can't wait to show my teenagers:) Thanks

  2. ben and i found this yesterday on the sl trib website…we laughed our pants off!

    your niece is fantastic and the whole thing is hilarious.

  3. SO Funny!! I grew up in Utah, and left the "Bubble" ha ha LOL.. I know you live there, and it so pretty.. But I think it would be hard if I eer had to live there again? Maybe it's changed? But great Video.. And your neice is so cute! Great voice!

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