party favor plants

July 18, 2012

hello my friends. i’m squeezing in an extra post here today to let you know i was featured on studio 5 on KSL in Utah yesterday. if you came to mingle with us in June, or you saw this post about upcycling cans for plants, i discuss these two ideas here on tv.

i really dislike watching and listening to myself speak on tv, i swear i don’t talk out of the side of my mouth like that – but it seems to be what i do and i’m in denial, or what i do when i’m nervous! eegads.}

{photo by me.}


during kiana’s week at nuvo, after her long, exhausting days of dance…

we would get in our pj’s at bedtime,
and watch episode after episode from season one of glee.

total girl time.

we watched about 16 episodes in three days, and we’re sooo hooked.

it’s KILLING us that the second volume of season one is not available on dvd till…


my favorite glee song so far is this, totally inspired by my husbands red sox obsession. in case you don’t know, the red sox have a song.


sweet escape.

July 20, 2010

it’s true. each and every time i go to california, i spend a portion of my time daydreaming about living there. i just can’t help but fall a little more in love. there’s just so much to treasure.

the beautiful weather. the kind drivers on the freeway. the charming buildings. the beaches. the shops. ohhh, the shops. the food. the warm people. our relatives in laguna. ocean, the girl, and the body of water. trees with flower blossoms. disney. museums. art. everywhere there is art! artist. talented artist of every kind.

all the things that made twelve days there oh-so-wonderful but also crazy. busy.

kiana and i left two days before her nationals for dance started which gave us time to play before she had to become serious about dancing.


allison holker

May 13, 2010

kiana is in the midst of preparing for dance nationals in july with nuvo.

this year, kiana was able to work with allison holker on three dances. kiana’s solo, her duo, and a 4-O…all choreographed by alli in the past six weeks!!! we love alli’s dance style.

if you do not know who allison holker is…

she is a local girl to utah county.
she is an adorable momma to her two year old daughter, weslie.
she is an A-MAZ-ING dancer.
she was a finalist on the 2nd-season of ‘so you think you can dance,’


May 20, 2009

there are just NOT enough hours in a day.

anyone else feeling like this lately?!?

i think i am going to pull an all-nighter, sometimes as a momma, it just hast to be done, to get it all done. know what i mean?

this week:
i finished the sixth season of “sex & the city” oh yeah boy. i started season one back in january. i watch 1, 2, or 3 episodes during my daily work-outs. it’s perfect because each episode is only 20-28 minutes. so, sometimes two episodes pulls me right through 45 minutes of hard-core cardio. i love it. i love carrie. charlotte. miranda. and samantha.


Please vote!

July 29, 2008

Chelsie is one of the final THREE girls left in SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE! She grew-up in Pleasant Grove and trained at Center Stage Performing Arts Studios, here in Orem, where my girls have been dancing the past 8 years… Chelsie rocks, and she’s such a sweetie! The show is on every Wednesday night and you have 2 hours to vote when it’s over. Thursday night is the results show, please watch and VOTE!!! If you haven’t been voting so far, then your votes would really help!