party favor plants

hello my friends. i’m squeezing in an extra post here today to let you know i was featured on studio 5 on KSL in Utah yesterday. if you came to mingle with us in June, or you saw this post about upcycling cans for plants, i discuss these two ideas here on tv.

i really dislike watching and listening to myself speak on tv, i swear i don’t talk out of the side of my mouth like that – but it seems to be what i do and i’m in denial, or what i do when i’m nervous! eegads.}

{photo by me.}

3 responses to “party favor plants”

  1. Jane, you looked FINE on tv! 🙂 I used to be the PR director for Special Olympics Utah, and did many tv gigs. It’s amazing how many nervous tics you get on tv…and I never got used to seeing myself. Argh! Awesome spot! You’re doing some great things!

    On a side note – have you checked your FB messages lately? 🙂 (careful, there’s a doozy in there!)

  2. Jane, you look great….I am on pins and needles – nervous for my segment on confetti! p.s. (the end of my right thumb is still numb from punching it all! But it’s getting better 🙂

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