sweet escape.

it’s true. each and every time i go to california, i spend a portion of my time daydreaming about living there. i just can’t help but fall a little more in love. there’s just so much to treasure.

the beautiful weather. the kind drivers on the freeway. the charming buildings. the beaches. the shops. ohhh, the shops. the food. the warm people. our relatives in laguna. ocean, the girl, and the body of water. trees with flower blossoms. disney. museums. art. everywhere there is art! artist. talented artist of every kind.

all the things that made twelve days there oh-so-wonderful but also crazy. busy.

kiana and i left two days before her nationals for dance started which gave us time to play before she had to become serious about dancing.

we literally got off the plane running to get a taxi so we could check in to our hotel and get another taxi immediately to the CBS studios {i guess FOX uses the CBS studios?} to see…


alli hooked us up with excellent-VIP seats. we were seated immediately above the judges in the center of the front row! how awesome is that?!?

at will call our tickets said, “kiana rhodes +1”

ha! i love being “+1” to my bearzy!

the show was awesome. behind the scenes is so fun. the comedian-master of ceremonies who runs everything with the audience was hilarious. there was an in-studio audience dance-off on stage in between recordings for the show. so funny. cat deeley is gorgeous. the judges are genuine. i just love that kiana got to see what the show is all about from a real perspective. such a great experience. natasha beddingfield performed live, like, ten feet in front of us! so awesome!!! for lack of a better word.

thank you, again, alli. we adore you!

once we were on the CBS studios property, they had us check in our cell phones and cameras. i felt so technology-naked! so, the two pictures above are the only ones we have from our amazing evening.

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  1. Oh my gosh Jane! What a fun trip. I cant wait till my Mia gets a little older so we can take trips like that. Sounds like you are having a fun summer!!

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