there are just NOT enough hours in a day.

anyone else feeling like this lately?!?

i think i am going to pull an all-nighter, sometimes as a momma, it just hast to be done, to get it all done. know what i mean?

this week:
i finished the sixth season of “sex & the city” oh yeah boy. i started season one back in january. i watch 1, 2, or 3 episodes during my daily work-outs. it’s perfect because each episode is only 20-28 minutes. so, sometimes two episodes pulls me right through 45 minutes of hard-core cardio. i love it. i love carrie. charlotte. miranda. and samantha. i’m totally a fan of steve, harry, smith, and of course mr. big. the season finale in season six, part two, was fantastic. this weekend, i will make the time to watch the movie…

i even watched one of the “post-season” commentaries. they were saying that everyone who watches the show thinks they are carrie. so funny. i don’t think i am. as much as i love her witty character, her love of fashion and shoes. i think i would have to say i have way more charlotte in me. who do you think you are???

Right this minute: besides blogging, i am looking at a pile of toys in sela’s room that i need to sort through and price for the yard sale. yeah, if you’re waiting for our yard sale…don’t hold your breathe. it will happen. sometime this summer… but, just to throw out a couple of tips for anyone else cleaning out their closets, and homes. sometimes i take my gently-used baby and kids items to “kid-to-kid” who buys them from you and re-sells them. And, i like to take my gently-used jewelery, bags, clothing, etc. to “Plato’s closet,” and they buy it from you and re-sell them. Just passing this along in case you haven’t already heard about it…we have also had fantastic luck lately selling items on ksl. it seems to be the hottest market around right now.

on another note: i think i would enjoy being catholic. just for confessions. really. here’s mine of the week… i was soooo good last week for five days. no sugar. then mother nature was on her way and emotionally i fell apart over the weekend, specifically sunday. seriously, you could have buried my chocolate ten feet under ground and i would have found it. in fact, i think i only ate chocolate on sunday. maybe 100 cadbury mini eggs. hmmmm, maybe some red vines too, now that i’m really thinking about it. confessing, i want to visit the inside of an actual confessions booth/box/not sure of the correct terminology. one day…

luckily, because i caved, i am not a failure. neither are any of you. sometimes, that’s how it works. you re-group, and conquer again. you focus on the good, remember???

for me, monday came, and we are going strong again. woo-hoo!!! and, while grocery shopping this week i found new CRYSTAL LIGHT FREEZE POPS!!! i tried the cherry-pomegranate today, and it was so yummy! {weird – i can’t find a picture on google to show you.} if you are a local shopper, i found them at smith’s in two boxes with two different flavors. i can’t wait to try the rest, this might be my numero uno summer treat!

and, a new favorite drink for me lately – Vault ZERO. it’s made by coca-cola, tastes exactly like sprite. it comes in regular vault, but vault zero has no sugar, and has had caffeine added. what i need most of the time 🙂 i really like it!

signing off to get going with my to-do list… have a happy wednesday!

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  1. Hey Jane, it sounds like you’ve been super busy!! So…I just don’t know how you can go absolutely cold turkey on sugar…? I have been told that I can allow myself around 100 -150 calorie treat every few days to maintain some balance. I think it’s good for me emotionally. I personally don’t like being completely deprived of something I love:) But I admire your will power! You’re definately stronger than me! Infact, that’s probably why you look better than I do:)

  2. i’ve said it before, but i completely wish that mothers didn’t have to sleep…just think of ALL the things we could get done while every one else is asleep. i know i need to pull one pretty soon here or i’ll fall apart!

  3. Hi Jane,
    I’m new here, but reading through your blog, you are fabulous! I’m so glad to know that fabulous people sometimes fall off the wagon, too! It makes me feel better about myself! Sugar is definitely my weakness. Thanks for the Crystal Light tip, I am going to have to watch for those little babies at the store. And the all-nighter idea, wow. Almost every single day I wish I had the energy to stay up all night and get stuff DONE. Love your blog! Have a great day.

  4. Funny that you just posted this, i was up all night doing laundry and getting things put away, I am pretty sure I didn’t get to be until 2! I Get a whole lot done at night.
    I will have to try that new Vault Zero, it sounds divine!

    P.S. Boston just told me that Myla bought all his cookies at School today. haha
    See maybe she’s even addicted to my cookies! 😉

  5. Glad to hear you fall off the bandwagon sometimes too! 🙂 Those cinnamin bears you sent me for my birthday have NOT been helping the bikini body! My tummy may forever be white if I keep eating chocolate!
    Totally relate to not enough time in the day. Moms definitely work the hardest!

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