For the second time this year, CABO was amazing. Dusty realized before we left that this trip had three great things going for it. First, we were going without kids. Second, we were going without any other couples/or people we knew in general (not to offend anyone, we LOVE to travel with friends – as you ALL know.) And third, I was not pregnant. The combination of those three things and a trip have not happened in 10+ YEARS! This is the bed we would lounge on each afternoon after we would finally wake up before/after noon…This was our view most of the time, unless of course the occasional dolphin went jumping by, so it could only improve.This trip was definitely about the food, this is one of my favorite snacks – sliced cucumbers with vinegar, lime, and then either salt or chile pepper.SHRIMP TACOS
We did do two consistent things each day, around 6pm we would work out at the gym, then shower and go to dinner…the food at the “Siempre” restaurant is SO good, any high-end restaurant could compete with this place.When we went to this resort in February there was an appetizer that I just loved and had NEVER heard of – it was a rainbow salad, it had chilled asparagus, with a scoop of bleu cheese ice cream and raspberry sauce. I came home and told everyone about it, SO when we went this time I had to have that appetizer again and it was MISSING from the menu, but not to worry, we talked to the chef and he made me some the next night AND he is emailing me the recipe this week – I will put it up later. This is SO good!I hope someone will try this, because this was one of our favorites – the fruit plate was served with this dip that is equal parts orange juice/lemon juice – fresh mint and some honey to sweeten. I would have NEVER guessed that most of this fruit would be SO good dipped in some mint. I am going to make this at home – if anyone else does, I hope you do, let me know if you like it!Another night out to dinner…Ceviche’, mango smoothie, and a burrito. mmm mmm mmm
This is the most romantic thing we have EVER done…You can reserve and have your own private dinner on the beach, candlelight, a pathway of tiki torches, and the bed… We took Dusty’s computer along and also watched shows out there. We had a 4 course candlelight meal, the ocean, the moon. When you are done eating the waiter comes out and unties the curtains around the bed, ties them together and tucks them in around three sides so the only remaining side open is the view of the ocean – then it was just blankets, pillows, tiki torches, movies, and us… Seriously, the coolest thing we have ever done.

AND HERE IS WHAT WE WATCHED during our time there
Now, we might have had too high of expectations for this series. We watched the first 4 episodes of season one, and we, I say WE did not laugh ONCE. IN fact, we were SHOCKED at how incredibly wrong this show was. BUT, then a couple of days passed and we began to re-tell some of the things that we had watched and it did get funnier. I am TRYING to C
ONVINCE Dusty that we should watch a few more episodes now and that I think it will grow on us and becomes a favorite. This is not our normal route for loving a show, but I think “the Office” is a little backwards and might need the 2nd chance.This was OK.We had about 6 episodes of this to catch up on, and we are up-to-date now, can I just say, “OH MY GOSH!” and I won’t ruin anything for anyone…This was GOOD.This was not what we expected, but Little Miss Sunshine does remind me of my Myla. I don’t indulge in many R-rated movies and I was shocked with the language.This is funny, again, SHOCKED by the language.

This is what I read –
I should say, “This is what I finally finished…” and I liked “Eclipse” the most of the three so far…I am still a Jacob fan.I started this…

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  1. Looks like an amazing trip. Let me see, it has been since our “before children” days since Geoff and I have had a trip like that. Maybe someday….. But next time we will come with you and crash your trip! Glad you’re back. See you in a few weeks when I, too, will be tan!

  2. It’s GORGEOUS and you look absolutely BEAUTIFUL! What an amazing place… I’m glad it was so restful and peaceful. The Office might be more humerous at another time, not on vacation 🙂 who wants to think about “the office” while you are in such an incredible place. Glad your back safe!

  3. You are making me so hungry!! Ahh, lime and sunshine sounds good right now! I’m so happy you 2 had such a romantic, peaceful getaway–I think that is so important! How fun-the beds on the beach with shows on a laptop-it doesn’t get any more fun than that!

  4. Ok that looks like the best vacation ever. Also I love Jacob in Eclipse. I feel like I’m the only one. I told Derrick that we have to go there for our vacation. The food looksl like the best.

  5. WOW!!! That sounds like a trip too good to be true! Our honey moon, and 8 out of 10 anniversaries have been in the mountains fly fishing. I have loved them and never thought I wanted to do anything different until I saw all of your pictures. I have to say that I am a bit jealouse. I think the last time I wasn’t nursing or pregnant over an anniversary has been….never!!!! One of these years we will have to get some suggestions from you two. I am glad you had a great time. I love viewing your blog. Your family seems to have a lot of fun together.
    Talk to you soon,

  6. k.. i am so jealous of your Dinner out on the Beach with the Tiki Torches and all!! HOW FUN!!
    That is a must next time!
    I totally love going on vacation with just your Hubby, it is so relaxing and totally awesome to just sleep in and not worry about meeting anyone else!
    I am totally agreeing with you on THE OFFICE….IT grows on you! Watch it again, We totally love it!
    Cory is a Huge Prison Break fan, and i am starting to really love the show..”Pushing Daisies”
    and i am still trying to finish “Eclipse” I love this one the best, it’s the time i am trying to find to finish it!
    You guys look Gorgeous and i love the Pictures of the yummy food on the Beds! You have totally made me hungry!

  7. Hi Jane, My name is Tami I am Terri Browns sister, I have met you once or twice and I am totally connected to Troy and Daph and their family. Anyways I didn’t want you to think I am stocking you, but I have been visiting blogs attached to Terri and I love your little family and reading all your happenings. hahah. Just laugh with me, ya know how sometimes you feel like you know Britney or Jessica and feel like your friends with the “Friends”. Well kinda feel like reading your stuff. Hope you don’t mind. Your so cute. Love Tami

  8. Jane that resort is unreal. What is it called? It looks like it was so relaxing. I’m glad you had a good time. Nothing like a vacation

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