allison holker

kiana is in the midst of preparing for dance nationals in july with nuvo.

this year, kiana was able to work with allison holker on three dances. kiana’s solo, her duo, and a 4-O…all choreographed by alli in the past six weeks!!! we love alli’s dance style.

if you do not know who allison holker is…

she is a local girl to utah county.
she is an adorable momma to her two year old daughter, weslie.
she is an A-MAZ-ING dancer.
she was a finalist on the 2nd-season of ‘so you think you can dance,’

and, out of 150 dancers that have been on ‘so you think you can dance’ so far,

she is returning to L.A. to dance/film the upcoming 7th ‘all-STAR’ season!

pictures below: kiana/alli working on her solo; isabel/alli/kiana working on their duo…

the 7th season begins May 27th! just two weeks from today! be sure to tune in & cheer for alli, we love her!

“Though the exact format for the show has not been ironed out, all-stars from previous seasons of So You Think You Can Dance will be returning as partners for Season 7’s Top Ten dancers, much like on Dancing With the Stars. This will enable the show to vote out one competitor each week, instead of two, and may result in fairer match-ups, as no dancer will run the risk of being brought down by an untalented or unpopular partner.

Those all-stars include: Twitch, Kathryn, Allison, Anya, Pasha, Lauren, Neil, Dominic, Comfort, Courtney, Mark, and Ade.”

good luck allison, big hugs & we hope to see you in l.a.!!!


the daily herald crashed one of kiana’s private lessons with alli when she was choreographing kiana’s solo, here.

{you can see kiana in the reflection of the mirror in the photo}

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  1. How cool!! Allison is one of my favorites, I can't wait to watch her again. That is so cool that Kiana got to meet her!

  2. LUCKY!!! I love Alison! That reminds me… I hope that show recorded last night. I must go check. I want to see those dances!

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