calafant :: toy review

May 15, 2012

we really can’t get enough cardboard around here. we upcycle cardboard boxes to create and we buy cardboard to create. when i stumbled upon calafant, i knew it was a perfect match for my kiddos imaginations…

myla is the perfect sis to assemble projects, and play with the younger kiddos.  since this has been put together i’ve spotted lego people living in the treehouse, each day their is a different little stuffed animal living in the treehouse.  it’s so cute!  my mom is visiting us right now and this past week i saw grandma’s glasses perched on the front steps – so there you have it – the cardboard treehouse has multiple purposes!


laser pegs :: toy review

March 29, 2012

these are claimed to be the coolest toy ever by my eight year old son and twelve year old daughter. they turn off the lights & start building and could build for hours.

in january, kj had an optional school project and chose to do a report about jets. for part of his project he built a plane out of laser pegs. the kids in his class were especially impressed when his plane lit-up!

if you have kiddos who have an inner architect — laser pegs would be a great addition to their toy collections.

what are your kids’ favorite toys? please share!

dear utahns,


my myla received this little money origami kit from kj for her birthday in december.

she has become a little pro at folding dollars. so, her latest interest is creating something out of dollar bills when her friends have birthdays. i like when my kids get involved with creating part of their gifts, whether the entire item is homemade or just part of it, it’s so much more heartfelt. for myla’s latest money origami, she found the tutorial on youtube and made a butterfly out of two dollar bills — {this one is super easy!} plus one pipe cleaner.

she attached the butterfly to the card with some white yarn &


when we were in new york city for new years eve. we stopped by the toys ‘r us in times square with our kiddos. as soon as we all took the escalator downstairs and saw this we were hooked —

build-a-robot. a.k.a. robot galaxy.

ROBOTGALAXY™ is a revolutionary mall-based children’s entertainment brand. Its unique in-store experience transforms kids into Explorers as they choose and customize their favorite comic book characters from “The Brotherhood”, a squad of advanced robots newly arrived from Saturn, in an exciting Spaceship environment. Explorers start their journey at “The Bridge” where the five members of The Brotherhood are displayed. Explorers then travel through the Flight Deck and Lab,


maileg :: toy review

March 8, 2012

words can not describe how much i love these little mice from maileg. and watching miss five play with them on the floor – it’s killing me with cuteness.

soft mini creatures that live in cigar boxes + match boxes. yes please! and, look! there’s a milk carton house + furniture! {gasp!}

The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things. –Plato

Easter is in one month – they have special toys and decor for that, too!

are you already a Maileg fan?


hasbro :: bop it! bounce

February 9, 2012

friends, i’d like to post toy reviews on see jane blog. what do you think? with four kids {technically 2 kids, 1 tween, and 1 teenager} under the roof & 14 years of being a momma, the kiddos and i have a lot of opinions about toys & we’d like to share with you what we think.

this past christmas we added a few new goodies to our mix. one being the hasbro bop it! bounce

if you remember, santa arrived early at our home & we headed south of the border for christmas. so, this toy was packed in a suitcase to go with us!



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