twig creative makes the coolest stuff.  i mean, whats not to love about this adorable wooden camera?

twig creative camera via seejaneblog

twig creative zebrawood camera via seejaneblog

camera | sela’s dress.

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{photos by  me, Jane Rhodes, taken in Mexico.}


kiwi crate :: toy review

December 3, 2012

we craft all year, but at this time of year we super-craft. gifts for others, homemade decorations for our home, creative gift-wrapping, and of course festive-crafting-for-oneself because of the love of crafting!

kiwi crate sent us their crafty christmas crate and we are hooked! do you remember getting packages in the mail as a kid? happiness explosion! {i actually still feel this way when i get packages in the mail! ::smiles::} sela went to the post office with me the day this box arrived.  when i told her it was for her – she might have jumped up and down hugging the box nothing short of twenty-five hundred times. before we got back in the car.


today, i am sharing with you one of my favorite -cutest- toys ever. {this is not a favorite because i am a fan of the story that inspired the toy – uh-hem, i think the princess is perhaps a bit bratty!} but… look how darling this toy is! sela agrees on this point.

if you are shopping for the holidays or have any special reason to buy this adorable set, you can find it here at maileg.

{pictures by me, this is not a sponsored post.}


for sela’s birthday, she received two sets of tegu magnetic wooden building blocks. happily, we are now the owners of the endeavor set in natural and the explorer set in tegu tints. we have enough so that everyone in the family can participate — and they absolutely invite participation…

the blocks are so well-designed. but the best part is the concept behind the company. from their website:
In addition to supporting sustainable forestry, we are actively replanting to help Honduras regain the forest cover it has lost in past decades. Whenever you purchase a Tegu wooden toy, you have the opportunity to choose to send a Honduran child to school for a day or plant a tree.


wikki stix are the perfect mix of toy and craft. my favorite part: they encourage the imagination, and they are not messy.  my myla is a big fan —

i just love walking through my moosey’s room and finding these wikki sculptures hanging around.  sometimes she is mid-project and I can see her mind at work or the wikki stix are literally hanging from things. Most of the time we are given these in restaurants and the kids play with them while we wait for our food. But lately, they like wikki stix so much i try to keep some in the art cupboard. Are your kids fans?