tegu – magnetic wooden building blocks :: toy review

for sela’s birthday, she received two sets of tegu magnetic wooden building blocks. happily, we are now the owners of the endeavor set in natural and the explorer set in tegu tints. we have enough so that everyone in the family can participate — and they absolutely invite participation…

the blocks are so well-designed. but the best part is the concept behind the company. from their website:
In addition to supporting sustainable forestry, we are actively replanting to help Honduras regain the forest cover it has lost in past decades. Whenever you purchase a Tegu wooden toy, you have the opportunity to choose to send a Honduran child to school for a day or plant a tree. Our partner, Trees for the Future, facilitates our replanting project. Tegu looks forward to being a driving force for the stewardship and regeneration of the Honduran forests over time.

what a treat to own something so well-made and that respects our planet. if you check out the tegu online store – you will notice you can add school and trees to your cart! genius.

you can find more tegu products here. i can’t imagine a child who wouldn’t love these.

{all photos by me, Jane Beckner Rhodes}

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  1. We love our Tegu blocks! It keeps the tears away when my three year old builds a tower – it won’t fall down. The best.

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