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we craft all year, but at this time of year we super-craft. gifts for others, homemade decorations for our home, creative gift-wrapping, and of course festive-crafting-for-oneself because of the love of crafting!

kiwi crate sent us their crafty christmas crate and we are hooked! do you remember getting packages in the mail as a kid? happiness explosion! {i actually still feel this way when i get packages in the mail! ::smiles::} sela went to the post office with me the day this box arrived.  when i told her it was for her – she might have jumped up and down hugging the box nothing short of twenty-five hundred times. before we got back in the car.

it took every ounce of her will power to wait till we got home to open it up…

how kiwi crate works:

1) you sign-up here for a monthly or annual subscription. or gift!
2) you receive a crate.
3) open the crate, and let the fun begin!

there are so many cool crates to choose from, i particularly like the Rockets crate.

let your creative little go wild with the supplies, and then display the festive masterpieces! ..sing a carol, light a candle, shout a crafty-amen!

kiwi crates would be an ideal gift for those kiddos you need to ship a gift to already!

bonus: kiwi crate is hosting their first ever 12-day gift away! each day, they will be gifting a great prize from some of their favorite brands, including: tea collection, tiny prints, and sprout. each day is a new chance to win! {i signed up!}

photos by me, Jane Rhodes. this is a sponsored post, if you have a shop or product that you think would be a good fit for seejaneblog and are interested in a sponsorship, i’d love to hear from you! email me at for more information.

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  1. I too get all happy when I receive packages in the mail! I am going to do this – my little lady loves crafts and I am not clever enough to think them up on my own.

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