laser pegs :: toy review

these are claimed to be the coolest toy ever by my eight year old son and twelve year old daughter. they turn off the lights & start building and could build for hours.

in january, kj had an optional school project and chose to do a report about jets. for part of his project he built a plane out of laser pegs. the kids in his class were especially impressed when his plane lit-up!

if you have kiddos who have an inner architect — laser pegs would be a great addition to their toy collections.

what are your kids’ favorite toys? please share!

dear utahns, fyi: i think i purchased our laser pegs at blickenstaff’s in provo. it was on one of my solo trips in the past few months & i brought them home as a surprise – i just can not for the life of me, remember exactly where or when.

{photos by me. this is not a sponsored post.}

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