calafant :: toy review

we really can’t get enough cardboard around here. we upcycle cardboard boxes to create and we buy cardboard to create. when i stumbled upon calafant, i knew it was a perfect match for my kiddos imaginations…

myla is the perfect sis to assemble projects, and play with the younger kiddos.  since this has been put together i’ve spotted lego people living in the treehouse, each day their is a different little stuffed animal living in the treehouse.  it’s so cute!  my mom is visiting us right now and this past week i saw grandma’s glasses perched on the front steps – so there you have it – the cardboard treehouse has multiple purposes!

check out the small, medium, and large calafant toys. the large robot is so cool! we would love them all!!!

are you and/or your kids a fan of cardboard? it’s a great, inexpensive way to create fun projects with your kids. for more ideas, check out my pinterest board titled, “cardboard diaries” xo.

{photo by me. this is not a sponsored post.}

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