robot galaxy :: toy review

when we were in new york city for new years eve. we stopped by the toys ‘r us in times square with our kiddos. as soon as we all took the escalator downstairs and saw this we were hooked —

build-a-robot. a.k.a. robot galaxy.

ROBOTGALAXY™ is a revolutionary mall-based children’s entertainment brand. Its unique in-store experience transforms kids into Explorers as they choose and customize their favorite comic book characters from “The Brotherhood”, a squad of advanced robots newly arrived from Saturn, in an exciting Spaceship environment. Explorers start their journey at “The Bridge” where the five members of The Brotherhood are displayed. Explorers then travel through the Flight Deck and Lab, where they can personalize their robot characters from a range of motorized parts, accessories, decals, rover vehicles, and programmable features including sound, lights, and speech — in over a thousand combinations. The next stop is Mission Control where robots are fitted with fuel cells that power their parts and can give them speech. The journey culminates at the 7th Ring of Saturn where the robots are brought to life and activated.

we were told at the nyc toys ‘r us that they were the only store in the world to carry robot galaxy. however, this is not true – when i was at alt. design summit in salt lake city in january – i stayed at the grand america hotel & their toy shop carries a small section! that sent me searching for more locations and there are a few – check out the site to see if there is one near you.

after you have built your robot, named him, he receives a voice & is activated – you take it home and continue playing online.  as your robot progresses, he uses more words/etc.  pretty rad.  you can play the online games, here.

our family agrees, this is way better than build-a-anything-else!

let me tell you right now, my favorite part of this entire experience was when my myla finished building her robot, and she named it roses. i love that girl.

this last picture on the right – those are little paper-pipes-styled robot building kits.   by piperoid.  i purchased these at the grand america toy store jou-jou. i brought home four kits, two for kj and two for myla – the kids went nuts over these.  i’d like to get a few more to have on hand for our gift stash. you can purchase these online via amazon here. piperoid characters make a great gift idea for anyone you know who loves robots + a little creating.

have you and/or your kids built-a-robot? would you recommend it?

{photos by me. this is not a sponsored post.}

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