money origami ::toy review::

my myla received this little money origami kit from kj for her birthday in december.

she has become a little pro at folding dollars. so, her latest interest is creating something out of dollar bills when her friends have birthdays. i like when my kids get involved with creating part of their gifts, whether the entire item is homemade or just part of it, it’s so much more heartfelt. for myla’s latest money origami, she found the tutorial on youtube and made a butterfly out of two dollar bills — {this one is super easy!} plus one pipe cleaner.

she attached the butterfly to the card with some white yarn & it turned out darling. {i missed getting a picture of that} – we have also been making bunnies for easter decorations. {lots of tutorials here}

are you a fan of origami? Be sure to look around online for plenty of free tutorials online, Myla’s favourite project at the moment is making Waterfall cards! Together we found a great waterfall card instructions website, where there is a video tutorial and print out version as well, it makes it super easy to follow! If origami is not your thing, but you would like some for spring – they look so cute on tables {look here} – you can find some on etsy!

{all photos by me. this is not a sponsored post.}

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  1. I’m really excited your blog is public again! I was a long time reader. I’m am just now catching up. Thrilled to see you and your family are doing well. Take care!

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