October 1, 2011


our little miss has a birthday this weekend,
and in true rhodes style, we have already started to celebrate!

here’s what i think about birthdays, holidays, and any special occasion in general:  celebrate .  live in the moment, love those around you, and be extraordinarily happy that you have all of these things to cherish.  another year is a big deal.  miss four has been waiting forrrr-everrrrr to turn five.  each time we’ve mentioned her birthday for two months we all do jumping jacks, and start squealing about how much fun it’s going to be & how exciting it is…  and, it is.  life is so full of reasons to celebrate.



dear easter sunday,

thank you kindly,
for all the love.
for all the happiness.
for great friends who stop by to visit.
for big papi being home.
for sunshine & bike rides.
for the red sox winning their first sweep this weekend.
for delicious food + new recipes that are a success.
for holding hands during family prayer, and the extra little squeezes i get from sela.

sweet potato casserole:
{i doubled the recipe shown & had plenty for 7 guests plus a little extra.}

you will need –
4 cups sweet potato, cubed
1/2 cup white sugar
2 eggs,


this is so simple + so ridiculously yummy & cute!

i spotted this idea here, while pinning this last week.

all you need: raspberries & chocolate chips! just stuff a chip in the berry {upside down}! and you have: gourmet-looking-treats!

do you pin? have you heard of pinterest??? it’s just oozing with awesome-ness. i could browse boards for hours finding beautiful images & inspiring ideas.

this is how it works: you create an account, and start pinning all your favorite images via the great www. more or less, it’s the most fresh-updated way to keep all your “book-marked”


mini cake donuts.

April 13, 2011

have you heard? the donut, especially the mini-donut is supposed to take-over the cupcake craze and be the latest-greatest new thing!

so, while preparing for kj’s upcoming birthday we have decided it would be fun to make mini donuts & let the kids decorate them at the party…

we are searching for the world’s best cake-donut recipe! this past weekend, we tried our first one. i found mini donut pans here, and we used the recipe below. it was good, it was really fun to decorate the donuts – the kids loved it! but, i think there might be a better recipe out there… if you have suggestions, please leave a comment &


sushi dinner party

March 3, 2011

our daughter’s party was saturday night & on sunday evening we hosted a dinner party sushi-style to celebrate danny’s big 4-0. needless to say, it was one big weekend full of party love!

who is danny? well, if you are new-er reader to this blog… he is “our” bff. quite often known as “the howell boys,” because he has three handsome sons. these three boys are like three marvelous big brothers to kj. the howell boys even have a label, over ‘on the blog’ list because they are a very frequent visitor in our life.

have you seen the movie ‘you, me, & dupree?” well. yeah. that sums it up.


homemade sea salt scrub

January 27, 2011

last month, our nanny tregan gave me the most divine body scrub for christmas. i am already a huge fan of oily-salty-scrubs, and this one tops them all as my favorite. plus, i just love that it’s homemade. i used up the jar tregan gave me lickety-split, so i’ve been dying to make more. my most-favorite-absolutely-love-it thing to do, is to use the body scrub in the shower/bath, then shave afterwards. oh my. my skin is so amazingly moisturized and smooth afterwards. it’s heaven!

simple recipe:
it’s pretty much a 1:1:1 ratio,

1 cup course sea salt
1 cup fine sea salt
1 cup oil
+ scented oils,