raspberries + chocolate chips

this is so simple + so ridiculously yummy & cute!

i spotted this idea here, while pinning this last week.

all you need: raspberries & chocolate chips! just stuff a chip in the berry {upside down}! and you have: gourmet-looking-treats!

do you pin? have you heard of pinterest??? it’s just oozing with awesome-ness. i could browse boards for hours finding beautiful images & inspiring ideas.

this is how it works: you create an account, and start pinning all your favorite images via the great www. more or less, it’s the most fresh-updated way to keep all your “book-marked” or saved images organized online. it’s great for photographers, designers, bloggers, or anyone who loves finding & sharing all types of goodness online.

i can be found here – you are welcome to follow my boards! {i even have a board titled “a bad case of the wants” to inspire husband with gift ideas for moi! a little nudge never hurt!}

happy thursday! maybe you can squeeze in some time to start pinning! or, indulge in some raspberries + chocolate chips!


{all photos by me.}

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  1. This is a YUMMY idea. I LOVE it!! Thanks for sharing it & Pinterest is genius. I am creating an account right this very moment (bonus, it works with my iPhone)!!


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