homemade yuja-cha

This is one of my favorite things we enjoyed when living in Korea.

4 citrons* (available in many Asian markets)
1 1/2 cups of sugar
1/2 cup honey
* May substitute with any citrus fruit
*(4 oranges, 5 lemons or limes, 2 small grapefruit, etc)

Wash the fruit well in cold water.
Peel then remove and discard any white remaining on the fruit.
Cut peel into thin strips.
Segment the fruit.
Place fruit and peel in a bowl in layers, covering each layer generously with sugar.
Cover and let stand at room temperature for two to four hours. (sugar should be dissolved or be transparent).
Place in a jar in layers, drizzling honey over each layer, and close tightly. Refrigerate for one week.
{the colors of the fruit all mixed together was so pretty}

Add 1 tablespoon of the syrup like mix to one cup of boiling water.

Myla – having the first cup of my homemade yuja-cha, she loved it!yuja-cha is perfect for this time of year. Besides being YUMMY, it’s great for sore throats or the beginning of a cold coming on…

{one day…when I own a coffee/tea house, my homemade yuja-cha will be served.}

7 responses to “homemade yuja-cha

  1. My SIL served a mission in Korea and she introduced me to this. I love this stuff!! It is so yummy. I’ll have to try to make some.

  2. I will have to try this! Steve went on his mission to Pusan and loves all of the Korean food. We have a great little restraunt that is the best for Korean-we should take the boys and go sometime.

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